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50+ Paint Horse Names: Equestrian Approved List

If you’re the proud owner of a Paint Horse, you know that they’re unique in every sense of the word. Their colorful coats resemble a canvas painted by nature itself. Hence, finding an equally distinctive name for them can be a challenging yet exciting task. This article aims to guide you in choosing the most fitting name for your Paint Horse. So saddle up and let’s ride into this world of Paint Horse names!

Understanding the Paint Horse Breed

Before we dive into the paint horse names, let’s get to know more about these wonderful equine creatures. This is a breed known for their vibrant coat colors and patterns, which are a result of complex genetics. The combination of color and pattern can vary greatly from one individual to another, giving each Paint Horse a unique appearance.

In essence, the Paint Horse is a fusion of Spanish horses’ adaptability and the Western Stock horse’s robust conformation. These horses’ ancestry can be traced back to the 16th century when Spanish explorers, such as Hernando Cortes, brought them to the New World. Fast forward to the 20th century, these equines mixed with Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse bloodlines, resulting in the American Paint Horse breed we know today.

Considering Gender in Paint Horse Names

Two great horses with amazing horse names

The first step in choosing a name for your Paint Horse is to consider its gender. Different names for this breed may suit males, females, and geldings. For instance, female horses, often called mares, might have names that reflect their beauty and grace. On the other hand, male horses, also known as stallions, could have names that exude strength and power. Geldings, male horses that have been neutered, can have names that suit either gender, depending on their personality.

Paint Horse Names for Mares

If you’re looking for good names for a mare, consider names that are elegant and feminine. Here are some ideas:

Empress Prismatic: For a mare with a coat color that seemingly changes color in different lights.

Miss Confetti: A playful name for a mare with a coat that looks like a burst of confetti.

Cherry Blue: A sweet and colorful name ideal for naming a horse with a reddish-brown and white coat.

Colorina: A beautiful name for a colorful mare.

Velvet Freckles: Perfect for a mare with a smooth coat and noticeable spots.

Paint Horse Names for Stallions and Geldings

Choosing names for stallions can be fun, especially given their majestic stature and vibrant coats. Here are some suggestions:

Acomi Paint: A unique name for a horse that leaves an indelible mark.

Freckled Prince: Ideal for a horse with freckled spots all over its coat.

Brutus Brush: A strong and artistic name for a powerful stallion.

Custom Color: Perfect for a Paint Horse with a one-of-a-kind color pattern.

Cocktail Rainbow: A colorful and cheerful name for a horse with a mix of different coat colors.

Creative Paint Horse Names Inspired by Their Coat Colors and Patterns

Brown and white paint horse

One of the most exciting aspects of paint horses is their distinctive, colorful coats. This feature can provide you with a plethora of name options.

Black and White Paint Horse Names

Black and white Paint Horses often resemble a monochrome canvas with abstract art. Their striking contrast offers plenty of inspiration for horse names.

Zebra Twist: Because their coats can resemble a zebra’s, but with a twist!

Inkblot Racer: Inspired by the Rorschach inkblot test, perfect for a fast horse with a blotchy pattern.

Domino Dash: A fun name for a horse whose coat resembles dominoes scattered across a table.

Tuxedo Man: Ideal for a horse with a black and white pattern that gives it a formal, tuxedo-like appearance.

Oreo Cookie: A sweet and fitting name for a horse with alternating black and white patches.

Brown and White Paint Horse Names

Brown and white Paint Horses have a warm and inviting look that can inspire several unique names.

Toffee Swirl: Just like a toffee swirl candy, this name suits a horse with a swirled brown and white pattern.

Cappuccino: A great name for a horse with a coat that reminds you of this creamy coffee drink.

Almond Roast: For a horse with a toasted almond-like coat color.

Beaver Snow: An interesting name for a horse with a coat resembling a beaver’s fur and snow.

Red and White Paint Horse Names

Red and white Paint Horses can inspire many names, fiery and vibrant names.

Cherry Snow: A sweet name for a horse with a red and white pattern, like cherries on top of a snow-capped dessert.

Bloody Airebrush: A dramatic name for a horse with a red and white coat that looks like a piece of airbrush art.

Crimson Snow: Perfect for a horse with a deep red and white pattern, reminiscent of crimson on snow.

Scarlet Patches: An elegant name for a horse with scarlet patches on its coat.

Palomino Paint Horse Names

Palomino Paint Horses have a beautiful golden-yellow and white coat, like the color of a palomino. Here are some more paint horse name ideas:

Golden Radiance: A majestic and beautiful name for a horse that shines like gold in the sunlight.

Butterscotch Dream: A sweet name for a horse with a coat the color of butterscotch candy.

Sunny Snow: a Perfect name for a horse with a sunny, golden coat and white patches.

Honeycomb: A delightful name for a horse with a coat that reminds you of honey.

Grey Paint Horse Names

Grey Paint Horses can inspire a range of names, from those that reflect the beauty and spirit of nature to more whimsical options.

Storm Cloud: A powerful name for a horse with a coat that resembles a stormy sky.

Silver Streak: A sleek name for a horse with a grey coat that shines like silver.

Smoky Quartz: A gemstone-inspired name for a horse with a smoky grey coat.

Pebble Beach: Perfect for a horse with a grey coat that reminds you of a pebble-strewn beach.

Mystic Shadow: Evokes the enigmatic beauty of a horse.

Naming Your Paint Horse After Famous Paint Horses


If you find you’re a fan of horse racing, Western films, or horse literature, you might want to name your Paint Horse after a famous horse from these realms. Here are some good Paint Horse names inspired by their famous counterparts.

Black Gunner: A powerful name inspired by a famous Paint Horse known for its racing prowess.

Hinto Dunes: Inspired by a famous Paint Horse in Native American history.

Midnight Patches: Borrowed from a celebrated Paint Horse known for its distinctive black and white coat.

Painted Justice: A homage to a famous American Paint Horse known for its striking appearance and impressive pedigree.

Picasso: Named after the legendary artist, this would be fitting for a Paint Horse with a particularly artistic coat pattern.

Unique Paint Horse Names

Dapple Dancer: A playful name for a horse with a dappled coat pattern.

Kaleidoscope: An artsy name for a horse with a multitude of colors on its coat.

Mosaic Masterpiece: A grand name for a horse with a coat pattern that looks like a beautiful mosaic.

Patches O’Houlihan: A fun and quirky name for a horse with a patchy coat.

Rainbow Racer: A vibrant name for a colorful and fast horse.

The Final Gallop

Brown Paint Horse

Choosing a name for your Paint Horse should reflect the horse’s unique characteristics, your personal preferences, and perhaps even a touch of humor. After all, your horse’s name is a reflection of its personality and your bond with it. Whether you opt to choose for a name inspired by color, nature, or famous Paint Horses, remember that the best paint horse names are those that resonate with both you and your equine friend.

So, take your time, consider your options, and pick a name that you love. After all, this name will accompany many adventures of love and cherished memories with your beautiful Paint Horse.

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