50+ War Horse Names: Equestrian Approved List + Meanings

When it comes to the history of warfare, horses have played an instrumental role. They have carried knights into battles, marched with armies, and have been a symbol of power, speed, and nobility. In honor of these magnificent creatures, we have compiled a list of over 300 war horse names inspired by various cultures, historical periods, and even fictional realms. Whether you’re seeking a name that exudes strength and courage or wish to capture the spirit of a legendary steed, you’re sure to find the perfect moniker for your horse here.

The Significance of War Horse Names

The relationship between a warrior and his horse is one of deep trust and respect. The horse is more than a mode of transportation. It’s a warrior’s partner, a confidant, and often, the difference between life and death on the battlefield. The name given to such a horse is more than just an identifier. It’s a badge of honor, a symbol of the bond between rider and steed, and reflects the horse’s strength, bravery, and loyalty.

In medieval times, the horse’s appearance, personality, and the rider’s emotions towards it often inspired its name. For example, a strong, powerful horse might be aptly named “Titan” or “Hercules,” while a gentle, calm one might be called “Serene” or “Tranquil.” The naming was a solemn act, often accompanied by a ceremony, a testament to the horse’s importance in the warrior’s life.

Famous War Horse Names

Loyal horse with great owner who has been in epic battles.

From the loyal steeds of ancient commanders to the courageous mounts of modern-day heroes, each name carries with it tales of bravery, loyalty, and the unbreakable bond between horse and rider. A lot of famous war horses have been named some of the most honorable horse names known.

Adonis: A name for a handsome, male horse, with a regal demeanor.

Blizzard: For a powerful and fierce horse that brings a storm wherever it goes.

Comanche: Inspired by the fierce Comanche warriors of North America, it’s perfect for a brave and fearless horse.

Ironhide: This moniker, inspired by the Transformers character, could be perfect for a horse with a strong, resilient nature.

Stealthrider: For a horse that moves with silence and speed, just like a stealth fighter jet.

Battleborn: This name signifies a horse that was born for the battlefield, ready to charge into any fight.

Callisto: Derived from Greek mythology, Callisto was a nymph who was turned into a bear and then into a star, making it an ideal name for a beautiful and celestial mare.

Darya: This name means “sea” in Persian, perfect for a mare with a flowing gait that reminds you of the ocean waves.

Elettra: In Greek mythology, Elettra was the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, making this a fitting name for a mare with a royal bearing.

Isadora: This name means “gift of Isis,” the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and fertility, making it a beautiful name for a nurturing mare.

Sif: In Norse mythology, Sif is the wife of the thunder god Thor, known for her golden hair. This could be a wonderful name for a mare with a golden coat.

Badass War Horse Names

Brave war horses going into battle.

Whether you’re inspired by ancient heroes, formidable natural phenomena, or words that resonate with might and majesty, this guide provides a robust selection of names that promise to capture the essence of your horse’s badass spirit.

Badass War Horse Names for Stallions

Kingfury: This name brings to mind a horse that rules with power and fury.

Steelheart: This moniker implies a horse with a strong and unyielding spirit.

Warblade: For a horse that charges into battle like a sharp and deadly blade.

Ironsteed: A name fit for a horse that’s as resilient and unyielding as iron.

Dreadrider: This evokes an image of a horse that’s fearsome to its enemies.

Badass War Names for Mares

Queen Vixen: This name implies a mare who is both regal and sly, a formidable combination.

Stormqueen: For a mare who is as powerful and unpredictable as a storm.

Nightshade: A beautiful yet deadly plant, this name fits a mare who is both beautiful and deadly.

Iron Maiden: This name suggests a mare who is as tough as iron yet retains her femininity.

War Maiden: For a mare who is no stranger to the battlefield, this name is a perfect fit.

Historic War Horse Names

Statue of a strong warrior horse

Horses have been an integral part of human history, playing pivotal roles in battles, conquests, and even culture. Here are some warhorse names inspired by historic figures and events.

Bucephalus: The legendary horse of Alexander the Great, known for its immense strength and loyalty.

Copenhagen: The Duke of Wellington’s horse at the Battle of Waterloo, a name that signifies victory against the odds.

Traveller: The trusted steed of Confederate General Robert E. Lee during the Civil War.

Comanche: Allegedly the only survivor of the Battle of Little Bighorn, a horse that symbolizes resilience.

Marengo: The famous horse of Napoleon Bonaparte, named after the Battle of Marengo.

Indian War Horse Names

Native American with dependable war horse

These names are not just identifiers but carry deep meanings, embodying the attributes of courage, strength, and honor. This topic promises to delve into the significance of each name, drawing connections between the qualities of these magnificent animals and the historical, mythological, or cultural narratives that have influenced their naming.

Indian War Horse Names for Stallions

Veerbaan – Combining “Veer” (brave) noble horse and “Baana” (arrow), suggesting a horse swift and powerful as an arrow in battle.

Agnikesh – “Agni” (fire) and “Kesh” (mane), symbolizing a horse with the mane of fire, embodying speed and ferocity.

Shivatma – Inspired by Lord Shiva, representing strength and the soul of a warrior.

Garudhoj – Named after Garuda, the mighty eagle, indicating a horse that carries its rider as swiftly as Garuda flies.

YoddhaPran – “Yoddha” (warrior) and “Pran” (life), meaning the life of a warrior, indicating a horse that is vital to its rider in battle.

Indian War Horse Names for Mares

Veera – Means “brave” in Sanskrit, a fitting name for a mare that shows courage and strength in the face of battle.

Jhansi – Inspired by Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi, one of the leading figures of the Indian Rebellion of 1857, known for her bravery and fighting skills. Naming a mare Jhansi would honor the spirit of a fearless warrior.

Kali – Named after the Hindu goddess Kali, symbolizing power, destruction, and protection. A mare with this name would be seen as a fierce protector and a formidable opponent in battle.

Arya – This name means “noble” and “great” in Sanskrit. It’s suitable for a mare with a noble spirit and outstanding bravery, reflecting the qualities of a war horse.

Sena – The word for “army” in Sanskrit, fitting for a mare that represents strength, leadership, and the heart of a warrior.

Mythical War Horse Names

Winged Horse from many other mythological horses.

From the thundering hooves of Sleipnir, Odin’s eight-legged steed in Norse mythology, to the immortal horses of the Greek hero Achilles, Xanthos and Balius, the story of this headline promises a captivating journey through time. It invites readers to discover powerful and magical names that embody valor, strength, and the mystique of ancient warfare, offering inspiration for naming their own noble steeds or delving deeper into the rich tapestry of mythological stories.

Mythical War Horse Names for Stallions

Ardentia: Latin for “passion,” a fitting name for a stallion with a fiery spirit.

Dragonfire: For a stallion with a spirit as fiery as a dragon’s breath.

Specter: For a horse with a mysterious and elusive nature.

Sunfire: This name evokes an image of a horse with a fiery spirit and a radiant personality.

Shadowmane: For a dark horse with a mane as black as the night.

Mythical War Horse Names for Mares

Aurora: Named after the Roman goddess of dawn, it’s perfect for a mare with a bright and radiant personality.

Galadriel: From J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, this elegant name is fitting for a mare of great beauty and wisdom.

Moonbeam: For a mare who shines even in the darkest times.

Stardust: This name suggests a celestial quality, making it perfect for a mare of exceptional beauty.

Celestia: Derived from the Latin word for “heavenly,” it’s a fitting name for a mare of celestial beauty.

War Horse Names Inspired by Nature

Rider and horse off to fight many battles.

This approach not only highlights the physical prowess and indomitable spirit of war horses but also connects them to the timeless and universal power of the natural world. By choosing names inspired by nature, we honor the bond between these noble animals and the elemental forces that shape our world, imbuing them with a sense of grandeur and significance that transcends the battlefield.

Windrider: For a horse that runs as swiftly as the wind.

Cloudhoof: A name that suggests a horse with a light and agile gait.

Stormsinger: For a horse whose neigh sounds like the rumbling of a storm.

Rockstallion: A name that suggests a horse with a strong and sturdy nature.

Dusksurge: For a black horse with a dark coat, running as if it’s always racing against the sunset.

War Horse Names Inspired by Fights

Several war horses with their trusted companions.

This theme draws upon the fierce and brave spirits of horses that have stood by their human counterparts in conflicts throughout history. Such names might evoke the intensity of battles, the bravery of warriors, or the strategic genius of famous conflicts. From ancient skirmishes to modern-day warfare, these names for female horses could span a wide array of cultures and time periods, each carrying the legacy of courage, strength, and resilience.

Valor: For a horse that embodies bravery and strength.

Battleaxe: A name that suggests a horse that’s as deadly as a battleaxe.

Warblade: For a horse that charges into battle like a sharp and deadly blade.

Thunderbolt: This name brings to mind a horse that’s as fast and powerful as a bolt of lightning.

Stormtrooper: A name borrowed from Star Wars, suggesting a horse that’s always ready for battle.


Choosing the perfect war horse name is not just about picking a name; it’s about embarking on a journey into the depths of the history books, venturing through epic tales of bravery, and exploring the annals of time where knights and kings, warriors, and nobles roamed the earth. The ideal name for a war horse captures the essence of power, majesty, and the enigmatic allure of the medieval era, evoking images of fierce battles, noble quests, and the unwavering bond between a warrior and their steed. As you delve into this quest for the perfect name, consider the qualities that make your horse unique, the stories that inspire you, and the historical figures or legendary heroes that resonate with you.

Saddle up and embark on this naming adventure with the spirit of exploration and reverence for the past. Let the name you choose for your horse be a tribute to the valiant hearts that galloped through history, a reflection of the strength and courage that war horses represent. As you ride into the sunset, your chosen name will carry with it the echoes of ancient battles, the honor of fallen heroes, and the dreams of a future filled with promise and partnership. Remember, in the end, a horse is far more than just a horse. It is a steadfast companion, a trusted partner, and a cherished friend, deserving of a name as grand and noble as the legacy it carries. Together, you and your horse will write your own chapter in the timeless saga of horse and rider, united by a name that speaks to the heart of what it means to journey side by side through the landscapes of both history and imagination.

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