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50+ Black and White Horse Names: Equestrian Approved List

White and black horse standing next to red gate

Welcome, horse enthusiasts! If you are here, odds are you’re on a quest to find the perfect name for your new black and white horse. Your steed’s striking coat deserves a name as unique and stunning as they are. In this guide, we’ll explore several intriguing options for black and white horse names that will help your equine companion stand out in any crowd.

The Art of Naming

Finding a suitable name for your horse is more than just a simple task. It’s an art, a science, and a heartwarming journey rolled into one. The name should resonate with the horse’s personality, appearance, and even your feelings towards it. When it comes to black and white horses, the name could reflect the stark and striking contrast of their coat, their majestic aura, or their quirky personality.

Black and White Horse

Legacy and Tradition

The equestrian world is filled with rich traditions, and naming horses is no exception. Many horse owners prefer to honor the legacy of famous horses from history, deriving inspiration and ideas from past champions and legends.

Black and white horse names

Mythology and Folklore

Who doesn’t love a good myth or legend? Names from mythology and folklore not only sound regal but also carry fascinating stories and meanings. For instance, “Pegasus,” the mythical winged horse from Greek mythology, could be a fitting name for a black and white horse. Moreover, names coming from a greek goddess or night goddess highlighting a black horse or a white horse can allure hearts and resonate with the horse.

White pegasus above of cloudy sky

Character and Appearance

A horse’s demeanor and appearance often play a significant role in its naming. A gentle, spotted horse might carry a name like “Snowflakes,” while a fierce and dominant one could be named “Thunderbolt.”

The Power of Emotion

Names carry power—the power to evoke emotions, memories, and associations. A well-chosen name can send shivers down your spine or cause your heart to swell with joy. Whether you choose a name that resonates power like “Champion” or something whimsical like “Daisy,” the name should stir emotions within you.

The Science of Naming

Believe it or not, there’s an actual science behind naming. Names with varying sounds and syllables tend to be more memorable. This is because our brains are wired to recognize patterns and rhythms.

Sound and Emotion

Phonetics, the study of speech sounds, plays a significant role in horse names. Soft sounds often evoke calmness, making them suitable for a gentle horse, while harder sounds might be more suitable for a spirited stallion.

Black and White Horse Names and Their Meanings

Choosing a horse name that carries a unique meaning can add an extra layer of charm and fascination to your horse’s identity. Let’s dive into some black and white horse names and their meanings.

Black and white horse with markings

Unique and Meaningful Names


This popular cookie, known for its black and white layers, could be a fitting and endearing name for your horse.


The game of Domino, featuring black and white tiles, might inspire a playful and intriguing name for your horse.


Evoking the darkness and serenity of the night, this name might be perfect for black horses or white horse with a mysterious aura.


This adorable name could be a nod to your horse’s unique coat pattern, especially black horses, if they have distinct black and white patches.


Derived from Hebrew, Jethro means “abundance.” This could be a fitting name for a robust and majestic black and white horse.

A black horse with a white stripe down its face

Suggested Names

Below are some suggestions to get you started on your journey to finding the perfect horse names!

Ace of Spades

For the horse that always seems to bring you good luck.


Perfect for a horse with a black and white coat that looks as sharp as a well-tailored suit.


A fun and fitting name for a horse with prominent black and white stripes.


This could be a sweet and fresh name for a lively and energetic horse.


Ideal for a horse with a soft and cuddly nature and a black and white coat that resembles white markings on these beloved creatures.

Black and white horse eating grass

Crafting a Unique Show Name

While all the names listed above would make great barn names, how can we transform them and other names into impressive show names? By adding a few more words to playful names, we can create a show name that reflects your horse’s personality and elegance. Lets jump right into some moving horse names for your show companions!


Magic in Motion

This name suggests grace and elegance, perfect for a horse that moves with captivating grace, embodying the beauty of motion in every step.

Magic Mirage

“Magic Mirage” evokes mystery and allure, ideal for a horse whose stunning appearance and presence seem almost too magical to be true.

Majestic Magic

This name highlights the horse’s regal and impressive nature, fitting for a horse with a commanding presence and noble demeanor.

Enchanted Magic

“Enchanted Magic” conveys a sense of captivating charm, suitable for a horse that not only excels in performance but also has a mesmerizing, spellbinding effect on its audience.


Oreo Surprise

Adds an element of unpredictability, perfect for a horse with a surprising or unique talent.

Oreo Delight

Implies a horse that brings joy and pleasure, much like the delight of enjoying an Oreo cookie.

Sweet Oreo Dream

Suggests a horse that embodies the fulfillment of dreams, with a gentle and pleasing demeanor.

Oreo Charm

Conveys a horse with an irresistible and charming personality, easily winning hearts.


Socks in the Spotlight

Suggests a horse that stands out in competitions, capturing attention with its striking markings and performance.

Silky Socks

Implies a horse with a smooth and elegant gait, perhaps also hinting at a sleek, light and soft coat.

Dancing Socks

Perfect for a horse with lively, agile movements, as if it’s dancing gracefully in the show ring.

Socks on Parade

Conveys an image of a horse proudly displaying its unique markings, as if parading its beauty for all to see.


Tuxedo Twilight

Evokes an image of elegance and mystery, perfect for a horse that carries itself with a majestic yet enigmatic presence.

Tuxedo Treasure

Suggests a horse that is highly valued and cherished, with a striking appearance that makes it a true gem in any setting.

Dashing Tuxedo

Implies a horse with a charismatic and stylish demeanor, effortlessly capturing attention with its movements and grace.

Tuxedo Triumph

Conveys a sense of victory and excellence, fitting for a horse that consistently excels and wins in competitions, embodying both beauty and success.

Black and white paint horse running in a field.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect black and white horse names can be a delightful adventure. Whether you opt for a name that reflects your horse’s appearance, personality, or your affection for them, the options are endless. Some names can come from pop culture while some can come from your favorite movies like Star Wars or Harry Potter. Remember, the best black and white horse names often come from your heart, so choose one that resonates with you and your horse. Happy naming!

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